Cryonic Temple 06.01.2018 in Borlänge

Sometimes it is just better to stay on holidays a bit longer. At first I planed to fly back home on the 6th of January, but by booking my flight for the 7th I saved much more money than a night at a hotel and the additional day for the rental car would cost me. As I couldn’t change the booking for my hotel, I was initially looking for one closer to the airport.

But as I was not so happy about spending a night in an airport hotel, this feels like loosing a day of holiday somehow, I was delaying to book it and was looking for alternatives. One alternative was staying a night in Borlänge. Just as I needed to make a decision, there was an event popping up at my newsfeed in Facebook, Cryonic Temple just announced a concert on that very day in Borlänge’s House of Blues. Decision was made!

Cryonic Temple PS-06.01.2018-Claudia_Chiodi-11I planned just an easy last night in Sweden with some great music, but in the end I just couldn’t leave the camera in the hotel. I knew it would be a really tiny, also called cosy stage, just big enough for the whole band to be up there, but not much space to move. It’s actually not what I’m good at taking pictures of, but without doing it, there can never be success or improvement. Personally I really do like small locations, it is usually more casual, friendlier and less complicated. So was this place, so were the bands and also the guests.

I have to admit, I didn’t know Cryonic Temple before April last year, I was invited to like their Facebook page shortly before the new album was released and I got hooked. Especially “This War is Useless” and “Heroes of the Day” got to me on a quite emotional level. I do have a weak spot there, but it also needs more than just a ballad about war, death and heroes to pull the trigger to my memories. Cryonic Temple PS-06.01.2018-Claudia_Chiodi-9Those two are just on the right level, not too cheesy and heavy. I really love the singer’s voice here. There are some passages in these songs where he just nails it with the timbre of his voice and his interpretation.

On the setlist were many songs from “Into the Glorious Battle”, but also a few from older albums. Although the stage setup was cosy, the band managed to still get the energy across, and for some headbanging is always enough space. I really hope I can see them soon on a bigger stage, probably with their lovely Soprano Karin. And I try to get better in Swedish so I can understand what is being said on stage. But it was definitely great to start my concert year 2018 with this show and a cool and memorable evening to conclude my first stay in Sweden. And Esa, if you happen to read this, although I said I’m not really into doing interviews, that idea is now stuck in my head. Let’s see what I can come up with and what can be done.

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